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Friday, April 08, 2005

Paintball 2/5

Then we had a short break back at the gathering area before

Scene 2: Fortress

One group starts from a fortress while the other starts from the outside. Another capture the flag scenario.

Round 1: Blue defends

Not too shabby, managed to brave mysefl enough to crawl on my stomach. Muahaha. Killed a couple of people; didn't get killed :P I hate it when small branches just inches in front of me burst the paintballs prematurely. Makes positioning and aiming super difficult.

Round 2: Blue assaults

We started short of 4 to 5 people because they didn't have bullets (from here onwards blue was at around 75% of its full strength because of this problem. Attacked from the left flank. Omg teammate ang mo girls had no sense of cover!!! And got shot down within a minute or two -_-. Wriggled slowly towards the fortress and took out a couple of enemies. Took a couple of headshots, one which made seeing extremely difficult. Suddenly got ambushed from the side :( Went to dead zone to find half my team dead with only one opposition. What the hell!! Yellow captured the flag. Overall: Yellow leads by three points.

It then rained for a couple of minutes during the intermission, making everything muddy.

Scene 3: Village huts

4 huts in a diamond formation. Capture and hold! Various cutouts positioned throughout with reasonable cover. Shallow muddy trench running along one side.

Round 1: Took left flank. Knocked out one fella but the idiot refused to quit. Idiot. Made him eat a few more muahahaha. Survived round. Poor J's hopper popped open while she was moving and spilt paintballs all over (must have gotten caught with a small branch or something.

Round 2: Took right flank. Pinned down and took out a couple of enemy snipers, provided cover, and took a few out while assault team captured all 4 huts! (stupid opposition fired at and hit J at the very last second as she captured the last hut eventhough the opposition was meant to surrender, so we didn't get the point.)

Lunchbreak! Finished roughly 430 paintballs :( Bought another 300. Score is at a tie.


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