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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Self-Organization of Slurry in A Dynamic Rotary System

This, folks, is what I have decided to name my thesis. I know it probably sounds all grand and pretentious, but then again, 99.9% of the the published thesis (plural = ?) do sound all grand and pretentious, don't they? ;)

My research is really quite simple on a basic level. Create a slurry, pour some of it into an enclosed circular system, and allow the system to tilt and rotate at various speeds simultaneously. Watch and observe and get all dizzy as your eyes lose all sense of balance. Watch the resulting films several times and get even more dizzier and confused. I might be writing a special entry describing the project in a bit more detail, with some pretty pictures.

Write a dissertation, which involves many late nights and even some stretches of over 30 hours without sleep just because your various drafts are due in the next morning. Watch your supervisor tear apart most of your work. Be prepared to spend your time from 9.30am right up till 8pm just doing stuff in your lab. Go home, sleep, watch a quick tv episode of 24/ Amazing Race/ enter-favourite-tvshow and continue. Kiss goodbye to whatever remnants of social life you have.


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