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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Missing book miracle

The problem: a missing book with the asshole who lost it refusing to take responsability

It was a cold day at the end of February. Our lecturer gave us a literature search assignment to complete to familiarize us with data finding. There were only 5 copies of the two books we were supposed to use for loan in the library. I had to place a hold on one of the books; within a few days I had gotten it.

Mir: Pat, can I borrow the book, I'll get it scanned for all of us to use
Me: Sure *hands book to him*
A couple of days after the book was due:
'Where is the book!!'
'Let me check..... the guy said that he is still scanning it'
'Tell him to quickly return it! Other people want it as well!'
A couple of weeks later:
'Dude, where is the book! The holidays are about to start!'
'Shit, he hasn't still returned it? Let me check before I go back for the hols!'

For the record, Ald, the guy he passed the book on for scanning, has a notorious reputation amongst everyone he knows for never returning anything without constant reminders. If I had known Mir was passing it to Ald, I wouldn't have allowed it! Shit shit
By the time the holidays were 2/3rd through, the fines had exceeded 5GBP. I could no longer renew the other 17 books I had.

End of holidays: 'Dude, he has told me he had lost the book'
'What the fuck?'
This Monday: Ald: Here, take my library card and transfer over the book.

Librarian: Sorry, but you can't do that due to the Data Protection Act. You need to report the book as missing and pay for it
Me: How much?
Lib: *Checks* 30GBP. Its an out of print book unfortunately.

*Cue thoughts of profanities and despair and an empty wallet*

Ald: Alright, I'll pass to you some cash tomorrow.
But he didn't answer my calls and gave Mir excuses.
Yesterday night: Mir: Hey Pat, do we have a lecture tomorrow?
Me: 'Yup, material selection module at XYZ place at ABC time. I won't be coming, I need to finish my report.' Fines for 6 books start coming in. Started to consider withdrawing 40GBP because I knew the asshole was running away.
This morning: *Ring* 'Dude! I think I found the book!'
'What? Where was it!'
'I found it behind the projector in the lecture hall. That idiot must have forgotten it'

Thank God for the miracle! I was just about to get ready to go up to university and pay off the damn book....


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