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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Paintball 5/5

Then the marshals took a vote for the final scenario: a repeat of one of the earlier maps. Aiyo. We had thought we were going to have an urban match amongst stacks of barrels, ala one of the damn small CounterStrike maps (I don't know, I've only played CS a couple of times in my life). We narrowed it down to the castle and village maps, and vocal support confirmed it would be the village. Good, the castle was a stupid map anyway.

One round of 15 minutes. If you are shot, you are not out, but you need to go back to base and restart. When you run out of bullets you have to quit. Most huts wins the round - and the entire battle. We were low on firepower - a third of us had no bullets and did not start! But our teamwork would see us through..

Again, I took the right flank. Quickly shot a couple of snipers - one of them cheated, and the marshal had to go over and tell him to restart since I had shot him. We took quick control of 2 of the huts, while control of the middle left hut was swaying and the furthermost hut firmly with yellow. And my gun started to give problems - the bolt frequently dropped to safety mode and low gas pressure meant that some of my shots only travelled a metre or so, scaring some of my teammates as I attempted to shoot from their side, whilst others flew in the wrong direction.

There were a couple of times when some of us muttered 'cibai' because some of the others (read: angmohs) were in their own world and wouldn't work as a team eventhough they were within earshot. To cut the long boring story short (enough war stories for the past few entires), eventually we captured all 4 huts, and won. 5 blue, 0 yellow! Muahahaha.

It started raining heavily less than a minute after the game - good timing, if you ask me! Then the cleaning up began - luckily, I wore my pair of waterproof Timberlands which made cleaning the outsides a breeze, but that didn't stop the tap water from damping the insides. Oops. Eventually we made it back - I was around 63 pounds poorer [that is approx RM500 for some of you] (all of us spent a minimum of 50GBP), and I had fired an estimated 1000 paintballs.

CH: WHAT???? I AM SO GLAD I STAYED BACK!!! I could use that 70 for like, a really really really nice pair of boots, and throw in a top as well!!

The souvenirs?
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Plenty of bruises, the most obvious one here

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
A certificate for the champions! Bwahahaha

Also received a bleeding ear with temporary deafness - showering is difficult and I can't go to the gym for a week or so. Gun got shot in the neck - both the front and back. Ouch! There is no protection for the neck, which is the most vulnerable followed by the ears. WC woke up the next day feeling sore all over, J had plenty of bruises from throwing herself onto her belly multiple times, etc. CL even woke up after dozing off in his chair to imagine that someone was going to shoot him! That shows how vivid and realistic the experience was!

But it was an awesome day - not everyone gets to experience something (which I believe is) quite close to real combat. And if people want to brag to me about CS or whatever, I can show off that I did the real thing - almost. :P


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