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Monday, April 18, 2005

Holiday plans

Me and a couple of friends were discussing plans for a trip to Europe during the summer hols:

CL: Anywhere except Benelux and Koln. I want to take the train ride from Switzerland to Germany along the Alps!

Wai: Switzerland or Scandinavia!

Me: There is no snow at this time dear...


Me: Okay la, tell you guys what. Let's take the Trans-Siberian railway. We can start right at the Pacific end of Siberia. Or we can take it from Beijing or something. Then we'll travel across Russia/ Mongolia, and we can get off at various stops, ending at Moscow. Then we can spend a couple of days looking around at the capital of the land of Kalashnikovs and vodka. Cost: From 509GBP onwards. Single way.

Then, we can take the Inter City trains from Moscow and travel by rail around Europe. We'll make sure we include the Switzerland-Germany Alps scenic route. Then eventually we'll end up in Paris, and we catch the EuroStar back to London! Simple!

CL: You're mad. Over 4 weeks in trains?

Wai: Ahahahaha chee sin (crazy)!!!

Me: Just a suggestion... after all its something different!! We can make it less boring... errr, painful on the pockets by flying one way.

CL: Nuts ah... total cost as little as 1000GBP? And as much as 2000GBP?

Wai: We can wash plates to pay for the trip :P

Me: Aiyoyo. We'll just smuggle back some AK47s during our trip and sell them off to cover for our expenses!



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