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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Godfather

If you haven't already, go and watch the Coppola films now! They are absolutely brilliant. At the very least, the first two films. The third film rather pales in comparison with the other two, but its all over 10 hours of cinematic goodness, and priced cheaper than most of the TV series of comparable screen time.

So, how did I get involved in watching these? I've always heard from people who have watched it rave about it ('I'll make him an offer that he can't refuse!' probably being the most quoted line), but I never really gave it a thought. Perhaps it was partially down to my (now vanished) naiviety that old films would pale against more modern films. Such, the modern special effects are something missing from the old films, but eye candy doesn't make a movie. Okay, I'm not going to do a full review or whatever because I don't have time and there are so many well written reviews already out there.

But something I thoroughly enjoyed was the music used in the movies. The haunting and unique music just somehow complemented each other perfectly. The only other instrument besides the trumpet used for the movie openings to which I find equally 'spine tinglingly mournful' (for lack of a better word) was the Norse string instrument used in the Rohan theme song for Lord of the Rings. But there's one problem: The few English songs in the movie just don't fit at all. If you ask me, they should never have been there!

Since then I've also watched 'the Bridge over the River Kwai', with plans to obtain Ben Hur, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Citizen Kane, Lawrence of Arabia and some of the other classics. Interestingly, in the same vein, my taste in music has also gone back a couple of decades. I think I'm getting old. Ah well, not to worry until I get some more positive cash flow, whenever that is.

Seriously, if you haven't watched the films yet, please do. And please buy the originals because they really are that good.

P.S. Question for those familiar with the Godfather (Spoiler Alert!)

If anyone is familiar with the music used in the Godfather, I'm trying to find the song which was played by Anthony to his father Michael (resulting in flashbacks to Appalonia). Its such a beautiful song (my only clues are that its a Sicilian love song and that the instrumental version is also the love theme for the Godfather). Please do let me know if you know! Thank you.


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