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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Sticky Tape

Just a reminder for myself (Oh, I realise that my entries are getting pinged automatically to Sarawho. I have no idea how on earth this happens and if someone knows how on earth I can remove this, let me know.) of how organized I need to be over the next few days to cope with the madness.

1) Finish first draft of thesis. Completed and handed in

2) Sort out packing stuff to move on Thursday. Haven't started yet because I only received delivery of packing stuff earlier today. I have so much rubbish to pack. Yay delayed for a week, giving me more time to pack!

3) Sort out bloody visa extension. $(*^"$_(*$^ red tape and delays at every corner.

4) Meet up with the staff at my workplace to find out my desk, collect pass card and all that Postponed

5) To find the time from the business of packing and moving, thesis write up, and experiments to meet up with a senior official from another country. Don't even know what time it would be, except that its Wednesday or Thursday. Tasks 2, 3, 4 and 5 are expected to be completed by Thursday as well.

6) To buy working clothes and a new pair of shoes. I need more working shirts, I need a second pair of formal pants, I need a new suit cause the old one has a hole which can only be mended invisibly, I need a new pair of shoes because my current formals hurt like a bitch. Need to find £400 some how and raid Jermyn Street.

7) Bind the thesis! It will cost up to £100 to bind all the bloody copies. Why can't the university pay for this?! Ridiculous considering my university is supposed to be one of the wealthiest in the world.

7) Should go up to North England during my one week break to visit an old friend of mine. Said friend is not free


Politics are a bitch. I will never forget that incident for a very long time. Over one tiny drop of reagent! Fucking hell. What an insult you are to yourself. I am ashamed to even share 1/16th of my racial background with you.

Okay I realised that I've posted wayyy too much than what I intended. Until next time.


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