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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Random jottings

In no real particular order

Burp! I just finished my dinner. Its 0015. I had a big 'breakfast' of smoked haddock (some fish) and honey roasted parsnips and boiled broccoli at 1.30pm, and a lunch of 2 small packets of Walker's crisps around 6pm for 'lunch'. Needless to say, I was starving for the majority of the day, especially after I came back from the gym. I blame the experiments which left me with very little free time.

We need late night food vendors in the South West. The strong French presence means that high calorie joints such as KFC and BK are nowhere to be seen. There's not even a late night Pakistani-run fried chicken/ chippy/ kebab store anywhere convinient on my route home

My PhD supervisor is great. As long as I perform, he doesn't care if I come in late and all that. He didn't seem to mind that he returned to Lab A from collecting stuff at Lab B to find me sitting down in a reasonably clean area of the corridor outside Lab A, chatting away on the phone. All he did was to tell me to go in to meet him when I was done, as I nodded and we continued chatting away on the phone about someone's ability to sneeze loudly.

Meet him I did later on, as we repeated went in (to change samples being read by the machine) and out of the lab (to escape the stinking smell of sulphite coming from somewhere in the lab, and to discuss results).

A few minutes after seeing the aforementioned supervisor, my mobile phone beeped the distress call, warning of low battery. For the second day running, I was unable to call up the local council of the property I'm planning to move into to make some inquiries about council taxes. Sorry, my future housemate :P

I was zoned out. I was so blur I forgot what I wanted to tell people. Several times. Must have been the sulphite. I decided to try to get alert by going to the gym, but I was feeling too tired and gave up after several chin ups and burning 500 calories on the cardio.

I'll accept the offer to train in the firm. Most probably I'll be involved in international corporate law and taxation. A good chance for me to learn some things about businesses, to turn my air castles into steel-and-glass skyscrapers. Yup, would definitely come in useful when(hopefully) running a decent business ten years from now.

Oh, I discovered that I have a 2nd degree of separation with the great fashion guru, Giorgio Armani. And a few other celebrities.

I realised that I will have to travel from east London zone 3 (most probable location of my next home) to west Central London for my training. That's going to work out to require me waking at 6.30am, for an estimated 75 minute journey. One way. Help!

Argh! Why the hell did you leak, you stupid bag. I had to clean up the lab of chemicals and throw away the trash. Might as well, since they were overflowing. Nobody seems to bother with the trash when the bags are starting to fill. The more it overflows, the less likely anyone would want to do the job unless absolutely necessary. Okay, I'm guilty of it too.

Double argh! I missed Dragon's Den because of the laboratory experiments!

I don't think I'll show my face at the labs tomorrow. I'm supposed to go for a farewell tea in the afternoon at East London, and a birthday dinner at some so-far-unknown place.


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