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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Who needs a new phone anyway?

P: Hello sir, please take a seat. What can I do for you?
M: I received a phone call regarding my contract and that it would expire soon.
P: *takes details down*
M: I would like to add that I might not want to take out a new contract today, but I am just finding out about the possibilities.
P: No problem *continues asking further questions on lifestyle*

P: We can recommend you this contract *points out £35 a month for 500 minute contract*
M: Whoa! The tariffs sure have changed (mine was £35 for 250 minutes a month)
P: *nods enthusiastically* In addition, for off-peak, we only charge you for the first three minutes of the first hour
M: Errr wait, isn't that an 18 months contract?
P: Yeah, but think about it....
M: Okay, show me the phones, please
P: Which would you like? Nokia?

I shake my head. Yuck. 'Sony Ericsson?' The 3.2MP k800i looked interesting, since I was on the look out for a compact camera to take to places my DSLR wouldn't go. But I shook my head. The metrosexual side in me didn't like it.

'I want to look at the Samsung phones, please'. Samsung phones are great design wise. I took a quick look at the e900 and d900, but wanted to examine the new flip phone which I saw advertised on the wall of the store. It was so new that not even the store people knew what model it was called.

Anyhow, minutes later as I examined my d600 and pondered over whether I really needed a new phone (no, obviously not)

C: Customer representative, can I take your details etc?
M: *gives details*
C: You are in the system, go ahead
M: I'd like to request my PAC code please (a code required if you wish to swap between networks).
C: That will take a month
M: A what? I would like it NOW.
C: Why do you need it so urgently? Are in a shop now?
M: Yes
C: Is it safe to talk now?
M: Go ahead.
C: What kind of deal are they offering you? Perhaps we can offer you something even better
M: *details*
C: Okay, we can offer you £25 for 500 minutes, anytime any network. It will become active within 24 hours. And when it comes closer to your contract coming to an end, we can discuss adding other benefits. (note that this low price is only available without choosing a phone to upgrade [that constitutes a brand new contract]), on a month to month basis.
M: *decides to stay with current network*

But seriously, for someone who only uses a mobile phone to call, sms and occasionally take pictures, a fancy phone isn't really necessary. Just give me a nice design :D


  • Samsung phones may look nice, but Samsung 'steals' many of their designs of their competitors (Moto RAZR, LG Choc, Moto Q etc.). I probably will just get a new mobile once my contract expires and then resell it to recoup the money back.

    By Blogger Jon, at Friday, August 04, 2006 6:07:00 pm  

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