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Saturday, July 08, 2006

7/7/05 +1

One year ago and one day ago, Londoners got a rude shock as terrorists carried out an atrocity within the UK. As usual, many Malaysians copy and pasted the headlines on their blog and pinged on PPS. Rojaks called PPS on that day,'a huge photostat machine'. As usual, many people didn't give two hoots about it, because why rely on blogs for news when you can open up media websites which are more reliable? And after all, the blog posts were taken from the media websites to begin with...

Nothing much to say, I suppose. The extremely heavy police presence (complete with assault rifles) at railway and underground stations have all but gone. The fear and nervousness on Underground commuters have all but disappeared, and the Underground is as packed as ever with the usual apathy.

In the weeks after the incident, anyone who carried a reasonably big rucksack onto the Underground would have invited nervous and suspicious glances from the other commuters (I admit to doing so myself). Double whammy if you looked middle Eastern. Not that there were many people to blow up; the Underground was virtually deserted anyway. It got so bad that suggestions were made for commuters to leave their bags open so that other commuters could see that they were on the way home from the gym/ work/ wherever. Now, its back to normal again, and I suppose we should thank the police and MI5 for preventing a further three attacks since that day.


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