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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Football fever catches on on England's public transport

Football fever is indeed strong in England, what with me being able to hear the shouts from my neighbours through my window when ever Crouch / Rooney scores and loud booes as Larsson equalized to ensure that England did not beat Sweden for yet another year.

But I won't talk about the people who gather around the pubs and parks and scream and shout their way out. People already know that. Instead, I'll present a couple of scenarios I encountered whilst on public transportation:

Scenario 1: On the intercity (intercity here referring to services between say, London - Manchester or Bristol - Newcastle; not services such as those between Wimbledon - Waterloo) train.
Match: England vs Ecuador (25th June)
Remarks: The ticket conducter (or whoever it is who makes the announcements over the PA system) suddenly announced: 'Ladies and gentlemen, if you have not heard the news yet, you might be pleased to know that England beat Ecuador 1-0. David Beckham scored the goal.'

Scenario 2: On the underground.
Match: None (the day after England-Ecuador match)
Remarks: The driver of the train suddenly remarked over the PA system 'Did anyone watch the football match? We didn't play our best, but we won and I'm happy and that's all that matters. Go England!'


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