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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Trading Catholic terrorists for Muslim terrorists

Me and the BujangLapuk were discussing the latest terror activity in the UK (a plot to bomb 9 planes [update: now reduced to 6 planes] US-bound over the Atlantic ocean) a while ago:

elb says: hello... seen the news lately?

BL says: You mean about the latest terror threat?

elb says: yup

BL says: Well, I consider that a feature of UK life

BL says: When I first came to the UK in 199X, it was Irish bombs

elb says: heh

elb says: just swapping 'Christian' (well, 'Catholic') terrorists for 'Muslim' ones

BL says: Exactly

BL says: What will be next? Buddhist ones? Hindu ones? ;)

elb says: might never know

elb says: ah well

elb says: but then again, i don't think the IRA tried to bomb 9 planes at one go (well, almost at one go)

BL says: No, these muslim guys are a lot sicker

BL says: The IRA didn't do suicides either

BL says: And they actually gave coded warnings most of the time

BL says: Whereas the current lot actually WANT to kill innocents

BL says: Anyway... The chance of actually being caught up in one of the explosions (if any) is actually very low

BL says: Miniscule

BL says: (although the chances of being inconvenienced are significant)

elb says: yeah, but thats only because millions (of people) are involved heh

BL says: Exactly

Note: Before you start commenting on anything about being discriminatory to any religion, note that these are facts, and also note the use of inverted commas.


  • Ah a good day to bury more bad news indeed for the Blighty gov...(Lebanon)

    And way to go playing with fear Dr. Reid.

    Wed: Reid says "Britain may have to modify its freedoms to prevent their misuse and abuse by terrorists."

    Thurs: Airlines terror plot disrupted.

    By Blogger Jon, at Thursday, August 10, 2006 1:41:00 pm  

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