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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Five years

Yesterday marked the beginning of my fifth year in a land almost half way around the world from my the place I grew up in. I still remember how afraid yet eager I was, at how excited I was at the thought of what adventures I had ahead of me; as well as at how emotional I was at leaving behind the people who matter the most to me.

Fortunately I found some solace in two kind ladies from Notts (can't believe that I even remember where they were from!) and the chatting helped to ease some of the hurt (when you were young and eighteen, a girlfriend was practically everything, see, and having to leave her, well.).

I remember meeting other Malaysians and finding out about each other. Some went to Scotland, some were bound for the Midlands, London, well, all over. I remember calling my parents to let them know that I reached Heathrow safely. A couple of hours later I reached university, collected my keys, and moved into the brand new university accommodation (you could still smell the paint). The rest of the day passed as a blur.

Three years later, I was no longer the nervous one. I was composed and made friends with the nervous in-coming students on one of the flights and dispensing advise, knowing full well what a wreck a clueless student can be and wanting to help them be more aware of what to expect.

Four years later, I am on the verge of completing my second degree, moving house for the third time in a year (*@^$(@!$&), and about to start immersing myself in the corporate world. I believe that I have come far from my days of immaturity (I'll be telling myself in 5 years time how bloody immature I was 5 years ago!) and dependency, and naiveness and whatever.

So, how did I celebrate?

Why, by working on my thesis of course. Or sort of. And by taking QJ out to celebrate her 22nd birthday since everyone else was too busy with their thesis, and her boyfriend wasn't around. We both needed a break, too.

'哈哈! 你已经老了!’(Haha! You're old already!)
'你也是。你更老啦!’(You too! You are older than me!)
‘但我是男人。。’(But I am a guy...)

Anyway, I thought of uploading a picture of the present me and SK bought for her, but it appears that my desktop doesn't have the drivers and programs to do the job. Plus my laptop is in my bag and I can't be arsed to set it up. So I'll do it later.

Till then.


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