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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

KFC Spicy Chicken @ UK & Coup d'etat

Seeing the advertisements for the Spicy Zinger the past couple of weeks has been making my mouth water. After so long of waiting (okay, I never even thought it would ever come),I was concerned about the potential level of spiciness because something that I would rate as rather mild would be a tastebud minefield for the Brits.

So, I dragged SK along into a KFC.

'Colonel meal, spicy please'

'Umm excuse me, can I have the drumstick and thigh instead?' I ask when the lady picks out the measly bone piece of breast meat. I'd rather have the drumstick over that anyday.

So how was it? Pretty good actually. I could taste some of the spiciness, which is good although it could be better. It was almost exactly as it would be in Malaysia. Ahh :)

Meanwhile, SK was busy on the phone, and she had a troubled expression.

'Hmm?' I gestured at her as she was done.
'There's some problem in Thailand. Something just happened...'
'Oh.. what was it?' My mind thought about the recent incident at Hat Yai.
'Something to do with the Prime Minister. He's in the US now. I don't know what you call it..'
'I think so... the military is also involved.'
'Ahh.. coup d'etat!'
'I heard that the army had blocked the media as well and there is not much information...'

Fortunately, SK's family is doing well. They were sleeping and didn't even know what had happened.


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