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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Oreos from Selfridges

Oreos have been very hard to find here. The only place I have seen it being sold is at Selfridges & Co, but unfortunately, it is rather expensive. My cravings for it finally convinced me to shell out over 10 pounds (more likely to be over 11 pounds actually, but I misplaced the receipt, oops).

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The biscuits at left (GBP5.xx), and the cereal with marshmallowy bits, something I don't recall seeing back in Malaysia, at right (GBP6.xx). At conversion rates, that would be approximately RM80. For comparison, a pack of 'normal' biscuits of that size would cost less then GBP3, and
cereal around GBP2.

I just wish they had the version with more cream inside...


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