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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Where is the KFC

'Right, where will we be going for lunch later?'
'KFC, is that alright?'
'Of course it is, which branch? The one at Marble Arch?'
'Nah, that's way too far'
'There's always the bus'
'Thing is, we need to withdraw some cash first. We'll then be walking to the KFC past Oxford Circus'
'The one inside the small shopping plaza?'
'Errr, no, its by the road' *Blank look*
'Okay, don't worry, I'll be there later', I replied, with a tiny frown as I tried to recall seeing a KFC in that direction.


'Heya, where are you all?' I was walking as fast as my formal shoes would allow me.
'Just about to start tucking into the chicken'
'Right, because I don't quite see any KFC anywhere near the bank. Just a McD's '
'It should be there, maybe a minute or so further up'

I walked on and continued to look around me, and I passed the Plaza. I thought to myself: This has to be it. There is no bloody KFC store along the road.

'Right, I'm at the KFC. But I don't see you'
'Hang on, I'm coming upstairs from the lounge'

'Lounge? There's no lounge here,' I commented as I looked around the food court setting, and feeling the bottom of my feet burning from all that walking. 'I... don't think we're quite at the same place, are we?'

'Oh crap, we're at the Marble Arch branch! Oh no....'
-__- 'Just you wait....!'


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