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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A Hollow Halloween

*Knock knock*

I froze for a minute, then asked my housemate who was sitting in the living room a question.

'Is it me or did I hear a knock?'
'Yes you did'

I felt bad. I had always wanted to participate in Halloween since I was little, but over the past few years I had been living either in university accommodation, or in house shares. Those people tend to use Halloween as an excuse to dress up fancily and to get drunk.

This time, I was living in a housing estate with children about. A kid (or a bunch of them) was probably outside in a cute little cloak pretending to be a vampire or an assortment of various characters, holding a water pistol ready to squirt.

I really should have remembered to drop by the supermarket on the way home to purchase a couple of packets of chocolate and candy. But too late, because the supermarkets/ local stores were nowhere nearby.

Instead, I switched the kitchen light off, and closed the door to the living room, giving the illusion that no one was home so that no one would come knocking hoping for candy that was never there in the first place, and got back to work.


  • Good work. You probably managed to escape the wrath of a bunch of pesky London kids. I've dealt with my share on the Isle of Dogs (SE London). But I usually had the "treats" ready.

    Btw, if you had only got hit with a water pistol for "non-candy-compliance", that's getting off light ;) Eggs and flour are more popular with the naughtier ones. :D

    By Anonymous Minny, at Wednesday, November 01, 2006 5:19:00 am  

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