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Monday, October 23, 2006

Pimp me a Supercar ride/ Office blues

This can only happen in London, bless:

A: Did you know what happened earlier when we were on the way to get lunch? A guy in a Lamborghini slowed down next to us and asked us if we wanted a ride! *Giggle*
C: Really! Goodness! How exciting!
Me: I'm still waiting for the day when a girl in an SLR slows down next to me and asks me if I want a ride! Or in any supercar, for that matter.
A,B&C: Awwww...


This can happen in any bloody office, curse:

Printer jammed and not working for random reasons.
Network system goes down for a whole day and not much work can be done.
Minutes of boredom as the in tray is empty, and just when you're wondering what to do, several assignments suddenly arrive that will keep you occupied for the rest of the day.

One of the most important lessons so far?
The corporate environment in the Western World is flat. No psychotic bosses yelling at any one, and everyone respects each other. Whether they possess a mere O level qualification or whether they have Masters degrees, or whether they're a director or whether they're the postal staff or receptionist. No hierarchy whatsoever which gives anyone the 'right' to yell at anyone or to be bossy over another.


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