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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Too Many January Babies!

Know how they say that September is the month where the median of babies is born? If you don't, go figure. Oddly, in my case, it seems to be January:

I have two friends whose birthdays were earlier in the week.
I just bumped into some coursemates who were on their way home from celebrating another coursemate's birthday at the pub.
Another friend has her birthday today.
I have a friend whose birthday is tomorrow.
I have a close friend's birthday on Friday, and found out an old friend whom I lost touch with has her birthday on the same day.
My cousin's birthday is a few days away, followed by mine.
Another two of my friends have their birthday next Thursday.
Another of my close friends has her birthday next week.

Crazy. Ouch. And I'm certain that I have missed out on a couple of people. Either the apparent September-is-the-month-of-the-stork theory is wrong (unlikely?), or by chance the people I know are largely skewed towards January, or maybe I just take notice of their birthdays because they're close to mine. Hrm.


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