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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Considering China

Before a couple of days ago, if you had mention China to me as somewhere I might consider a career, I would have given you an are-you-crazy look. It would fly in at one ear and out of the other within a milisecond and I would have totally forgotten about it within the next. For the simple fact that I'm a banana (that's another word for I-know-nuts-about-Chinese), and I haven't had very nice experiences living with some mainland Chinese people. No manners and all that.

But things might change. As you all know; China is growing rapidly; soon to displace the UK as the 4th largest economy in the world. Many of the MNCs are looking for Western-educated Chinese (or at least a command of Mandarin) to work for them there, as I have experienced. But it is not just those facts alone; after all I did give those are-you-crazy looks despite them. No further details, sorry.

Maybe Shanghai. Yes, that might be the best place to go as it is the most 'international' Chinese city around. Which suits me because I have had a very long Western exposure, and I know someone there. But there are many things that need to happen and need to be achieved before that.

I don't know.

Ah well, time to start learning Mandarin I guess.


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