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Monday, November 28, 2005

I Kissed Life Goodbye

Kat soothsayed doom for me when she told me a previous alumni who did my course was 'busy as a bee'.

I must say that its true, and it has the potential to be even worse.

1) Assignments pile on faster than you can finish them

2) Most companies close their graduate job applications in a week or so and I have just only completed my CV after weeks of modification. Not to mention half of the applications require a complete set of various details, including competency and situation questions. And oh, I haven't done a single cover letter yet!

3) A presentation to do in 2 weeks time. We have barely started. Together with number 1 and especially 2, this will pressure cook me for the next two weeks. If given the choice, I would concentrate on #2 and stuff the rest, but 1 and 3 are groupwork and I need to put something in.

4) My research project needs attention. The literature review is due in 2 months. I did my very first experimental analysis today, sans PhD supervision (such was his faith in me after only shadowing him for a couple of hours a few days ago). 8 months earlier than the official starting date. Did I also mention that I have barely read up on previous work done on it?

5) Every day that passes, more and more revision needs to be done. Unfortunately I am backlogged to the day that I started the course.

How on earth am I going to go for a holiday? Thankfully (or rather, not), my budget has gone haywire, leaving me with even less cash than I thought I had, so I can't even afford one to begin with. So yes, my slightly existant social life needs to take a backseat for the time being.


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