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Thursday, November 10, 2005

The PhD worthy thesis in 6 weeks

I called up my old supervisor back at my first university earlier, to find out some questions about some issues I had, and for a little chit chat.

*skips boring questions*

Me: Just curious, Dr., what has happened with the research project that I did last (academic) year?

Dr: Oh, I'm going to be creating a computer model to try and simulate your results

Me: *puzzled* You mean its being offered as a modelling project?

Dr: Nope, Mr. and I went through your thesis and we decided that your work would be too hard for someone in an undergraduate course to be able to understand in a short period of time

Me: Not even for a Masters? (I did my project at a Bachelor's level)

Dr: Nope, its too complex. It is something that I would need to do (he's a brilliant guy with a PhD from Cambridge, no less).

My mind: 'Gee... thank you so very much for making me do something probably even more difficult than warrants a PhD in 6 weeks...'

Dr.: *continuing as if he could read my mind* The problem was that it was a new area of research and we didn't know how difficult it was going to be. (Okay, to be fair, it was a very interesting project even though it was difficult!)

Me: Yup I was finding it quite difficult at times, because it was a very dynamic system with chaos theory and bifurcations and that kind of stuff which I could never quite get my head around. Although over here they do offer a few modules on dynamic systems and chaos theory...

Dr.: Ahhh! Are you taking those modules then?

Me: *areyoukiddingialmostdiedandlostallmyhairthankstothat* Not exactly... (I prefer learning about nuclear engineering...)



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