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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Meet Write Up

What a great weekend, spent in the company of a fine young lady, as well as the pleasure of spending some time with some great people as well. Not to mention the great big gap inside my wallet as the aftermath, but that's another story altogether.

Firstly, I met up with YingCi and a friend of hers on the Thursday before. She bullied me into going to Whitechapel - which thankfully wasn't as dodgy as I had feared. We had dinner at some Indian place with great mango lassi and tender chicken curries. Yum! She reminded me of how dodgy Whitechapel could get by chasing me out early 'just in case'. I escaped with my modesty and backdoor intact, so that was fine.

I won't bother to bore everyone one else with too many details of the main meet; suffice to say, we had ice cream and coffee at Rendezvous @ Leicester Square, followed by dinner at Chinatown (since Wagamama was packed); and we then headed to Borders @ Charing Cross for a cuppa and to read free (well, I paid for mine anyway) magazines, before winding down the meet when it closed.

No pictures I am afraid; half of us enjoy some semblance of semi-anonymity; whereas the rest of us felt too podgy. Sorry. That ends my very brief write up of the main meet.

Poor Vysia had to lug her luggage around on the day she left - I asked her to leave her stuff with me on the day that she was leaving, but she decided not to, stubbornly deciding to take the Underground instead of the bus (and finding a plethora of staircases), and subsequently the shocking price of storing goods. 5 quid is fine for leaving huge luggage at the airport, but for several small pieces at the coach terminal at 5 quid each?

Oh well. At least that gave me time to grab a little bouquet of lillies to show my affection for her cheer her up a little (To everyone else besides Vysia: actually, I had a long list of reasons which I told her, I think, but that's for me and her to know. Just don't bother over speculating!). And it worked, I like to imagine.

Thanks to all who came! It was great! Especially because I didn't have to think about my assignments and revision and what not for a few days. Die die die.


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