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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Malaysian UK Bloggers Meet?

I am bored, and since Vish has decided to make herself conviniently available in London the coming weekend, why don't those of us at London have a little meet? That is, the 1st or the 2nd of October. Or is a few days too short notice? I was also thinking that it might be the best date besides around Christmas, especially since half the universities haven't reopened yet.

Please don't appoint me as coordinator or something for the time being at any rate, since I have no Internet connection (I'm currently at a friend's somewhere in the country) for the time being.

So erm, yea. :P

Update: Due to uncertainties (like me having no proper Internet access, and lack of notice), this idea has been postponed temporarily. Vish shall keep you posted. However if you're in London and wanna meet for a drink or two, just let me/ us know!

Update: It looks like it is probably on 22nd October. Come come come!

Suggested venue: Rendezvous @ Leicester Square. Good cakes and ice cream aplenty!


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