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Friday, August 26, 2005

The Nightmare Call

A few days ago, a friend suddenly called*:

Friend: Eh, you know what? My old boss called me up earlier
Me: Mmmmm?
F: Yea, he asked me to go back to work. The chibai demanded that I turn up for work. 'Friend, I know where you stay, don't make me go there with the police and make things difficult for you'
M: LOL. He loves you!
F: Knnccbmch. I don't have to turn up for it, right?
M: You did tell them you were resigning, didn't you?
F: Well errr, I informed the company verbally two weeks before I quit my job.
M: -_-. Verbally? Not in black and white?
F: Errr, nope. But the boss asked us several times when we were going to quit exactly. And it has been a month and a half since I have last showed up for work, so I am considered to have quit, right?
M: Still, if you have something on paper its solid. Where's your company already ah?
F: Its called *beep*. Nearby Baywatch (some open air concept restautant/ pub in PJ). You know what, that company used to have like 30 people working in the *beep* department, now they have zero!
M: Ehhh... maybe that's why he got so desperate already! Nobody wants to work for him... but if you're desperate for workers, you bloody offer them a higher pay than before! Like you know, dangle a big juicy carrot in front.
But this, its like taking a skinny malnourished carrot and slapping the donkey around its face and stabbing the donkey with the carrot!
F: Exactly! What a loser man. No wonder everyone quit. Eh... what do I do ah?
M: Well, go and make a police report. At least you have half your ass covered.(which F did the next day).

From a later conversation:

F: I made the police report. The police inspector was shaking his head and went 'Who does this fella think he is? Head of the police force? And also, that wanker called up another of my friends (who also worked at that place). That idiot shouted 'NOOOOOO!!!' when asked about pay.
M: What the hell? Free labour?
F: That fella claims to know a lot of ah long (aka illegal moneylenders known for being very, errr, industrious and creative to reclaim their money)
M: Hahahaahaa... he turn them on you? Maybe instead he owes them plenty of money and is shitting in his pants, so that's why he needs to try to resort to all these bully tactics!
F: Exactly... stupid bugger taking advantage and trying to exploit fresh graduates.. no wonder nobody ever stays there for long.
M: Aiya, leave the fella alone la. God will know how to deal with him.

*Note: Actual conversations, both over the phone and over mamak sessions compressed into one.


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