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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Supercar Heaven

Whilst taking a walk along the lesser explored areas of Kensington and Knightsbridge and parts of Chelsea, one of the things that always hit home is that supercars are as commonplace as bloody lousy Protons are in Malaysia.

The very first car that I see, walking out of the Knightsbridge underground? A Maybach. Followed by a sports package Modena revving its way down Sloane Street. A Porsche Turbo driven around. Oh wait, there's a Murcielago, and a Bugatti. With two Bentleys behind it. A few minutes later.... omg wait, a Vanquish! A Rolls Royce Phantom!

Okay lah, the elite supercars are not that common. Sorry. But more common than all the sorry cars produced by a certain company, such as their recent so-called 'My First Lotus'.

However, multitudes of the 'lower end' supercars and luxury cars, such as the Boxster, Carrera, Merc SLKs and CLs, BMWs galore (with TONS of M class) and so on mingle with older cars freely can be found in almost every nook and cranny in SW Central London (and the wealthier postcodes).

I mean, where else can you find a mad Porsche driver trying to jump his red light and almost plough into oncoming traffic? And he did it twice, and the suited chap walking nearby give him some choice words and a gesture. Where else can you find two chicks climb into a McLaren SLR after an afternoon of shopping (look out and come back regularly for upcoming posts AND PICTURES of this and other sweet cars, I don't plan to ping them out!)?

Where else can you hear two Porsche Turbos drag racing (albeit temporarily) down a street lined with super designer stores? Where else can you see an Arab stop his spanking new Ferrari 430 with the number plate '4' by the side of the road and talk with (presumably) relatives, pick his child (nephew? niece?) and then drive on, child on lap?

And all almost all this action takes place within a few minutes of my new pad. Mmmmm... time to start a supercar picture collection :)


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