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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Guy Fawke's Night

I'm not going to bore you all with the history of Guy Fawke's Night, I'm sure many of you have heard of it time and time again. Its the perfect excuse for a night of fireworks though!

Over the previous years, the fireworks display at my old place was held right at my doorstep - all I would have to do was to exit the rear door and watch as the rugby field barely a hundred metres from my house was turned into a carnival. I could feel the deep bass as the humongous fireworks exploded (my own room would shake), and the sound and the light were perfectly in sync with each another because the show was so near. The only sad thing was that some trees obscured part of the view, but it was nothing I couldn't handle.

This year though, I had to travel to see a display. No longer was I being served a melange of colourful sparkles at my doorstep. The show was due to start at 5pm at Waterloo Bridge. Or so said Mien (okay okay, it was the Internet brochure thingajig, not your fault!). Other friends had gone to Victoria and Battersea etc. We huddled in the freezing wind for an hour easily, while I took some panaromas with my camera, which came out shit because 15 second exposures doesn't go well with a strong wind.

So we dispersed towards the National Theatre for a cuppa after sometime of waiting, where we found out that it was to start at 7.30pm. I quickly called Karissa and asked her to change her mind about not coming.

'Fireworks! 7.30! Embankment! Come!'
'What? What movie is that?'

It turned out later that she had heard Wallace and & Gromit or something (which was why she didn't want to come initially). How on earth does fireworks sound like it is beyond me!

How were the fireworks? A disappointment I would say, considering the time we had waited. They were at the next major bridge further along the river, so all we got was a distant view. And like I said earlier, the wind ruined most of my shots, so I'm not terribly happy with them. But the company was great; it was worth shivering in cold with the girls, and dinner at Chinatown was yummy too! Better than Wagamama (where a few of us went on Friday)!


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