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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Elb's advice to be a good eBay seller

Updated. From my observations as an eBayer with over a year and half of experience behind me:

1) Be honest. This is especially so if you deal with 2nd hand products. If your watch has a scratch, tell it. If your 'brand new' product is being sold cheaper because it was an ex display unit or something, tell it.

2) Be clear. Make sure you describe your terms and conditions clearly, method of payment, how much to pay for P&P and insurance, and how long it will take to deliver items (and whether you are willing to post there in the first place). Also how would you deal in the event of faulty goods, warranties, refunds and the like. A warranty assures people into better state of mind to buy your goods.

3) Pictures. The more the merrier, although it costs more to put more pictures. This can be circumvanted by means of setting up a HTML page (if I am not mistaken!!). Accompany your advertisement with decent pictures, and send proper UNEDITED pictures which highlight the strong selling point (or defects) in the product you wish to sell. You have a lesser chance of products getting sold if you have no pictures.

4) Website/ eBay shop. More variety keeps customers coming back for more especially when your reputation as a clean honest on-time seller is established.

5) Get the balance between product availability and maximum profit. Widely available products with a defined widely accepted price should be under 'Buy it now'. Memory cards, cabling, etc etc should be sold to the consumer asap.

Stuff like clothes should be on for no more than 5 days in my opinion. More expensive units like mini Hi-Fis (and cars etc) should be put on auction for the maximum amount of time available. Remember to put a reserve price if you feel that your item is worth more than a certain amount especially if the opening bid is low. Also, remember that the price of a product is no indicator as to how long it should go on auction.

6) Use PayPal! It is easy and convinient and fast and you don't have to worry about bounced checks or wonder when the payment would ever come in. I never ever buy from merchants who don't use Paypal unless I really want their product, and there are traders who exclusively use Paypal only.

7) Improve your English. Do you want a global market? Strengthen your communication skills. Enough said.

Okay, that's about it for now. Please refer to Part one: Elb exposes eBaying cheating tactics


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