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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Island Sexfest?

I got this little email earlier, read on and see:


If you read the stories written below by others, I will tell you my own
story exactly as what they said and witnessed by me:

Please Forward The Story To Everyone You Know:

I stayed in Pulau (island) Redang And Pulau Perhentian In Terengganu For 2 weeks due to my research and I observed a lot of things done by the local youngsters to the ladies visited there.

The VICTIMS were those who came alone or with group of girls only, most of them came with one female friend.

They acted as a normal driver of the boat for the resorts but they selected the lone or girls victims mostly the dumb Chinese girls and western ladies.

But if the girls were accompanied by guys, they will not dare to touch. When they reached the snorkeling area, they will 'HELP' the ladies by holding their hands to snorkel here and there? most of the Chinese ladies wear exposed and sexy swim wears and they will peeped their nipples and underwears from behind?

The worst part was they seen to bring along their local friends to join the club, to get one or two victims everyday? they gathered on jetty and looking at their preys. Then, they will guided the girls to a plastic containers with fresh water to wash them up, sometime trying to 'help' them by touching their body parts. They girls thought they were friendly and helpful but they have others intention.

After the girls were so busy to wash and clean up, the locals will at that time handed them mineral water (with something inside), the girls will not aware at the time and drank it. It happened everyday and I watching it everyday? Then suddenly the girls will allowed them to hold her hands and walked to the boats and go away to the resort and finally to the rooms??with the others local 'friends' followed behind 'TO JOIN THE PARTY'!!! Sometimes they will ask the local or western ladies do they like to have some sun block cream. Then they will apply some on their skin.
Once, to my surprise the lady naked her breast and let them 'played'. Then I knew what they applied was actually the 'Minyak Dagu ? Corpse Oil', one type of 'Jampi or Curse Oil' so that you will love them. They kissed her until she was bring to the room. SURPRISE!!! ( I think I and my fellow friends were handsome 100 times then the local guys?haha) Please remember Terengganu state , the Black Magic is strong over there.

Remember, I observed these for 2 weeks but cannot stop them, they have many many friends around, if I questioned them , I will be in trouble...over there. I hope every lady took precaution on this matter and forward it to everyone. Just let them know that if the drivers were so friendly and took advantages on them, they have to beware. I was so frustrated because the girls so dumb to trust them. I asked one of the victim and she said she didn't remember anything but She said she have some DREAM that she have sex with the locals,?. SEE !!!

Please read what written by others below. My story is true here ???.

Beware when you're going out snorkling especially ladies' & girls' team only. Boatmen would drug the mineral water when your are busy snorkelling. Later you passed out after drinking the water when you get back on the boat. There are insufficient evidence to prosecute them cause they cleverly done their job including dressing up victim nicely to original & don't leave any traces behind even ejected externally. And when the victims awakened they were told they had a short nap. Salt water further makes it difficult for them to discover on the spot until perhaps later.

This happened in Pulau Tioman and can happened any other places. Victims include Italian, American Japanese, Chinese, Arabian & even Malays.
Please pass this message on to all the world.


Cerita dari pemandu bot sendiri..

Kepada saudara / saudari yang diingati selalu,

Untuk makluman anda, maklumat yang saya dapat ini adalah amat berguna untuk dijadikan teladan anda semua. Saya diberitahu oleh kawan saya iaitu seorang guru di pulau Tioman tentang tindak tanduk pemandu bot yang berkhidmat disana. Bagi yang ingin pergi bersantai ditengah laut dan snorkling tu, terutama gadis perlulah beringat-ingat. Hal yang saya nak ceritakan ini adalah diceritakan sendiri oleh pemandu bot tu kepada kawan saya. Pemandu bot tu menceritakan dengan penuh bangga tanpa mempedulikan hal haram dan dosa. Kepada pemudi yang ingin bersantai ditengah laut, diingatkan pergilah berempat. Dan jangan kurang dari tiga orang. Untuk pengetahuan semua, pemandu bot ni akan meminta dan mengesyorkan gadis ? gadis (biasanya budak U yang ingin melancong) membeli air mineral dsb nya dengan alasan gadis2 akan haus ketika di tengah laut nanti. Dengan hasil perihatin tadi si gadis
ni pun pergi lah beli air mineral. Dalam perjalanan ke tgh laut, pemandu bot nampak bersahaja dan kita tidak tahu niat syaitan yang sebenar yang tersemat pada benak dan hati batu pemandu bot ni. Semasa berenang didasar yang cetek (Pulau Tioman),
pemandu bot akan memasukkan sedikit minyak jampi yang didapati dari bomoh pulau kedalam air mineral yang dibeli oleh gadis U ni tanpa disedari oleh mereka berdua (gadis tu la) dan dibiarkan larut dan sebati. Setelah penat berenang gadis ni pun naik ke atas bot dan segera minum air mineral yang dibeli tadi. Dengan tidak semena-mena gadis2 tu rasa pitam dan pengsan sekejap. Maka pada masa pitam nilah pemandu bot akan mengambil kesempatan membuka pakaian gadis2 tu satu persatu dan merogol gadis2 U tu tadi. Untuk pengetahuan, pemandu bot ni pandai. Setelah meneroka, merogol dan mengeluarkan airnya ( pancut \ luar), dia akan mengenakan kembali pakaian gadis dengan rapi. Setelah gadis tu terjaga pemandu bot akan mengatakan cik adik tertidur sebentar tadi. Setelah dua , tiga hari si gadis ni akan
mengalami sakit di kemaluan dan akan mendapatkan rawatan. Setelah diperiksa, DR menyatakan yang gadis ni dah tiada dara. Perkara ini dah dibawa ketengah. Pihak polis dah siasat tapi oleh kerana tak cukup bukti, kes ini lebur begitu saja. Bila di soal, penduduk kampong kat pulau tu, konco2 pemandu bot dan termasuk pemandu bot itu sendiri akan menafikannya. Yang sedapnya pemandu bot tu juga tapi yang akan bocor rahsia pada malam pengantin gadis malang tu la jugak. Sebabnya telus dan tak ketat lagi dah.

Jadi dengan itu, beringat ? ingat lah jika ingin pergi berseronok biar lah bertiga atau berempat. Sebab perkara jahat seperti itu datang tanpa diduga seperti tsunami. Perkara begini telah mencetuskan perihatin saya terhadap masyarakat sejagat. Kemana
kita pergi hendak beringat2 (termasuklah mana2 pulau di Malaysia atau didunia ni. Jadi sampai-sampaikan lah kepada anak perempuan, kawan2 perempuan dan semua orang perempuan Cerita yang saya sampaikan adalah benar dan diceritakan oleh pemandu bot itu sendiri kepada kawan saya. Pemandu bot itu mencerikan dengan megah dan
bangga. Macam dunia ni dia yang punya. Tapi bila mati tak ditanya terus kene azab. Dia bangga kerana berjaya meragut mahkota perempuan yang tak tahu dan leka terhadap keadaan sekeliling.

Pemandu bot ni kata dia dah tibai semua jenis ****Italian, American, Japanese, Chinese, Arabian, Melayu kita ni. Tapi dia kata hak melayu jugak best sebab susah nak dapat?.tapi sekali dah dapat yang lawa pulak tu??phhhrrrrrr!!! Best nyer kate pemandu bot tu lah.


To what extent are locals taking advantage of visitors? To be taken with a pinch of salt, anyone? Urban (well, island in this case) legend? Fact? I personally am skeptical about it, but perhaps there is something to it as well.

What I do know is that certain locals have bloody itchy fingers; did anyone see the way one of the Malaysians handled a Caucasian lady during the incident when a bus overturned into a ravine at Genting/ Camerons? The picture was published in a major newspaper; the lady was in fine condition, maybe a bit shaken, and a local had both his hands on her, taking advantage and unashamedly coping a feel.


  • It happened to well-known hotness-in-a-tigress Kimberly at kimberlycun.com in Redang.

    But nothing as "kwa cheong" as getting drugged or hypnotized.

    The bugger was pretending to be a staff of the resort, and led her away to some secluded area and then molested her by pretending to help her balance. She realized what he was doing and quickly found her friends.

    Of course, she could have been forcibly raped and killed. Scary.

    By Anonymous aw, at Wednesday, December 14, 2005 12:37:00 am  

  • This kinda thing happens everywhere. Even in London. Remember when the media were hysterical over spiked drinks?

    The 'researchers' credibility is rather suspect. If there is foul play and he/she managed to follow them around even to the point of seeing 'lady naked breast'.
    where are the pictures that could easily be produced over to the police? No evidence after 2 weeks of voyeuristic behavior!

    By Blogger Jon, at Friday, December 16, 2005 9:27:00 am  

  • pat, remove the above comment, kimberlypukiface deserve it, she is not human, she is an animal!!!!

    aw sei pak kong, pls take ur kimberlyshit sumwhere else!

    yucks ! puikz so puikz !

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Friday, December 16, 2005 10:09:00 am  

  • aw: well, glad that she's safe :)

    jon: well I never said that it was proven /the truth. But I wouldn't discount it entirely either.

    anonymous: hey, take your beef with her elsewhere.

    By Blogger elb, at Friday, December 16, 2005 2:44:00 pm  

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