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Monday, December 26, 2005

Boxing Day Sale Day 1 Report

Edit: I have decided to alter this post to cover my day in some detail.

6.50am: Alarm clocks go off. Yeah, one alarm clock, two mobile phones and an automatic triggering MP3 player alarm.

8.25am: Reach the Underground station. Waited 20 minutes for the stupid train to come. Very few people

9.05am: Arrived at Selfridges. As always, there is a long queue of ladies for designer handbags. Could not help but notice that a sizeable amount of them were of Oriental origin. Walked around the men's clothing area. Nothing much to shout about, at best some of the stuff were going for 30%, maybe 50% off if lucky.

9.50am: Tried on a pair of designer shoes. Liked it. 45% off. The guy who was sitting next to me saw it and wanted it as well; sadly for him I liked it too and it was the last pair of that size. Sorry mate!

10.15am: Examined Molton Brown products. Their sale offering: Exclusive 500ml bottles for the price of 300ml bottles. Might get some actually.

10.30am - 11.20am: Walked from Selfridges to Oxford Circus to Tottenham Court Road. Saw the crowd outside Apple @ Regent Street, and outside MNG waiting for the doors to open. Somehow I felt warm; I removed my jacket and walked clad only in my cotton shirt and long pants and drew a lot of glances. Haven't seen an Oriental immune to the cold is it? (Oh no my cover is busted!...)

11.20am -12.40pm: Grabbed myself a DVD Rewriter (my HDD is fast running out of space with the amount of pictures I keep taking) and something else. Started the walk back to Oxford Circus

12.40pm - 1.15pm: Noticed that there was some sort of auction going on somewhere near Cecil Gee. Only stopped briefly to have a quick look; others around me were unhelpful when I enquired what was going on. Popped by the Apple store to note that the latest generation of iPods were going for 10% off.

1.30pm: Arrive at Knightsbridge just to peer around Sloane Street (no way I could afford to spend any more money). As expected, all the designer stores were closed and covered up so that nobody could tell what was going on inside as they prepare for the sale...

2.00pm: Lunch @ Earl's Court

3.30pm: Home!

Summary: I am broke. Literally. Overspent by way too much. Not going out to the stores anymore for the rest of the sale. Yet to get a sling bag and a trenchcoat though :(

Shopping Tip: towards the last week of the sale, the REAL sales start: the prices drop to around 70% off as they try to clear unsold sale items! The danger is, most of what is left is pretty shitty.

Now, if only Malaysia does this... give us some proper 70% discounts dammit!


  • Me stayed at home yesterday and today!

    I dislike shopping when it's so crowded. Got any good bargains? I'm only going shopping after the crowd has subside.

    By Blogger MooPig, at Monday, December 26, 2005 11:24:00 pm  

  • eileen: actually, it wasn't very crowded today. I suspect too many people were nursing their hangovers or spending time with family. the crowd really starts building up tomorrow and the day after, when most of the designer stores/ harrods/ harvey nichols along sloane street/ knightsbridge open...

    I did manage to snap up a pair of nice designer shoes at a bargain (well, sort of) 45% off. last pair of my size, if I were 30 seconds later it would have gone! And a couple of other undiscounted items lah.

    tip: towards the last week of the sale, the REAL sales start: the prices drop to around 70% off as they try to clear unsold sale items! if only Malaysia had that...

    By Blogger elb, at Tuesday, December 27, 2005 12:31:00 am  

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