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Monday, January 02, 2006

Creative Commons: BBC opens archive

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has released 78 video and 1 audio clip for the public to use for personal and educational purposes under the Creative Commons License.

To quote the BBC:

Why these particular clips?
We're pleased to present links to nearly 80 pieces of video and audio covering iconic news stories and events of the last 50 years. You might feel that some important stories have been left out. If so, it is likely to be because the BBC doesn't have the rights to release the item.

One of the biggest challenges facing the Creative Archive Licence project is rights clearance. Simply put, before it is possible to apply the Creative Archive Licence to a piece of video or audio, it is necessary to investigate who owns the rights associated with the content contained within it. It may not be always possible to secure the agreement of the rights owner


Some of the material included consists of the recent marriage between Prince Charles and Camilla; however the video clip of Prince Charles' wedding to Princess Diana is not available (yet.), one of the biggest disasters in the oil and gas industry in the UK (Piper Alpha, North Sea) which transformed health and safety, the Tiananmen demonstration, 9/11, Mandela's release, and the most recent (to my knowledge), Hurricane Katrina.

Note: You need to be within the UK to download the clips (free registration required as well). As for me, I'm busy downloading them to be burnt on a DVD.


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