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Sunday, January 08, 2006

New Shopping List

Now that the January sales and my exams are in full swing, I have decided to produce a new list of things for me to try and get, in order of desirability. The old list is now redundant. Not because I bought them all, but because I'm fickle and my desires change. Top three are highly desirable, of course; the rest would be nice, but I don't think it'll happen! Please feel free to purchase them for me because my birthday is up soon!

1) A stylish trenchcoat - I still don't have nice clothes for the cold besides my ski jacket and fleece. Even after several years. The horror! Waterproof would be nice, I don't like the idea of my umbrella blown by the wind. Estimated expense: £150
2) Sling bag - I still haven't bought a bag suitable for use with my leather jacket yet. Estimated expense: £40
3) Creative X-Fi sound card. Estimated expense: £100
4) Second hand film SLR camera to remove the 1.6x sensor crop factor and make the most of my wide angle - £70
5) New Victorinox Swiss Army knife to replace the one that I had lost during my mad dash to Heathrow Airport. Small one that can fit into the key pocket of my pants. Scissors and blade a must! - £15
6) Lowepro bag to carry both my dSLR and planned film SLR, and several lenses. £120
7) Photo printer - Paying £8 for a print size similar to that of A4 is madness. £100 printer + £70 ink
8) New tripod for my camera - Mine can now barely take on the weight of my set up. Carbon fibre, lightweight and as small as possible because I like to travel, yet able to extend to approx 160cms. Estimated expense: £300

Ack! Help me alleviate my financial burden please ;)


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