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Friday, May 06, 2005

Living hell

Our design supervisor told us this almost two weeks ago: If this isn't the hardest the you have ever worked in your lives and the most difficult thing you've done, something is wrong.

We gave him nervous grins and giggles and thought he was joking. Surely nothing could be worse than the research project we had just completed?

Wrong. How we wish he was being sacarstic!

It's living hell. My daily routine is as follows now: Wake up around 9am, get my ass up to university by 10.30, and work and work and work until 7-8pm. Go home, have my dinner, and work until 4am. Sleep. Repeat everyday of the week with little variation. I usually eat my lunch on the go.

On the blissful side, before you'd know it several hours have passed. Too fast actually, with little progress most of the time. And the frustration when several hours of calculations become suddenly redundant is uncomparable.

Things would be so much easier if not for the fact that my group is running at 75% efficiency, if you get what I mean. It is still insane though; its no easy task trying to design a theoretically operating ethanol plant from absolutely nothing in two and a half weeks for even four people.

But that's for another time. End of my short break.


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