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Friday, December 14, 2007

Push and crush my Swarovski

The doors opened and the crowd came surging out. Another crowd just as large surged into the train. I was one of last few who got into the very crowded train. The alert started to signal, warning that the doors were going to close. The lady two persons behind me started to panic and shoved her teenage son who in turn shoved me.

'Push in, push in!' she went. I felt my package start to crush into the person right in front of me. My mind pulsed and instinctively I lifted my arm to free what I was holding. I turned around; the lady was smiling; happy that she managed to get in. I was not so happy however.

'I am holding something fragile over here', I said as I held up the Swarovski bag I was holding, not loud enough to attract attention from the people surrounding us, but loud enough for her to hear. Her smile quickly faded.

'If my Swarovski breaks you can pay me back,' I continue, as I shot her a not-so-friendly look. She and her son keeps quiet and don't look at me. I occassionally gave the same look until I got off at the next station.



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