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Monday, March 26, 2007

Election Deadline Rumour: 31st March 2007??

I have been hearing some rumours that the deadline to register to vote in the upcoming general elections is supposedly at the end of the week. A check with some of my overseas based friends have come to naught. Some friends of hours who are still in Malaysia are clueless, if not surprised. We are watching with interest, and would want to register and to exercise our rights to send in our postal votes (yes, some of the alleged 'phantom postal votes' are actually by real people, believe it or not) when the time comes.

We have not heard any news from major sources (or we must have been completely blinded that day); surely such news would have been announced very prominently on sites such as MalaysiaKini. Also, checks with the Election Committee website (http://www.spr.gov.my/) have shown nothing, leading us to speculate that this is just a scaremongering tactic to get people to register.

Attempted to check with the London High Commission but got started on the merry-go-round of extension numbers (and was a bit too busy to want to wait). Checks with the Malaysian Consulate in Los Angeles also resulted in a merry go round which finally ended with 'we have not received any information', which suggest that this is just a rumour.

So, any affirmations beyond hearsay would be appreciated.



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