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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Little Updates

Deja vu, as another of my tooth fillings is starting to come out. Urgh. Can't imagine why the dentist didn't see that it was perhaps starting to show signs of disaffection. Looks like there goes another £40 (could I have done two fillings for the same price?).

Pimped my desktop, adding another GB of RAM, as well as taking the plunge and installing Windows Vista Ultimate. Looks awesome, except that my sound card and video card are not fully compatible yet (hurry up Creative and nVidia!): Spliter Cell Double Agent hangs, the desktop reduces itself to nothing more than one of those 'unsolved' 3D images (think a mishmash of smudges) after a couple of inactivity, and the webcam appears to be 'uncompatible'. Urgh.

Also pimped my laptop, but it appears to be agonisingly slow. I think a fresh reinstall of XP is needed. Problem is, I never got the installation CD when I got the laptop. Does anyone know if a XP Home CD key is valid with XP Professional?

What else.... nothing much else, besides that a major turning point in life appears to be imminent.



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