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Friday, March 23, 2007

The Neighbour

I paused what I was doing and listened. Someone was definitely knocking on the door, so I went to answer it:

"I've been trying to deliver a parcel to number XX. Could you take it in? I'll drop them a note saying that you have it."

I took a quick look at the parcel. It wasn't one of the neighbours that I knew; maybe it would be a nice way to introduce myself. So I signed and took in the package.

Soon enough, the door knocked. A lady in her 30s stood in front of me, quite possibly of Indian descent.

"Hello, I have a message that you have a parcel for me?"
"Yes I do," I replied as I took down the parcel from the freezer, and handed it to her with a smile.
"Thanks," she said quickly, and before anything could come out of my mouth, she had turned around and started moving.

I am so not taking in any of her other stuff again. As A said, its probably the British weather that's making her cranky. I agree. British weather is always one of the best reasons to leave this place.



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