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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Bought myself a Dali

Yup, the Metamorphosis of Narcissus is now in my room; I still haven't decided where it should go.

Tate Modern
Credits to: Tate Modern

Which brings me to:

J: What's a Dali?

M: A painter (and more). Salvador Dali.

J: No what kinda painter is that? to paint your house? or to draw paintings?

M: He's a surrealist painter

J: And you bought him?

M: No, I bought a copy of his painting. He died some years ago

J: Oooooo. Damn my logical thinking sucks huh?

M : No, its just that the vast majority of malaysians have very little exposure nor appreciation for art and theatre

J: So what kinda paintings does Dali dig?

M: Surrealism

J: Oh yea +_+

M: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salvador_Dal%C3%AD

J: Mmm, I like the 'Disintegration of Persistence of Memory', but I don't understand what it means by 'the new science of physics above psychology'.

M: Dali's paintings began to reflect his thoughts and a renewed his associations with one of his previous paintings by painting the "The Disintegration of the Persistence of Memory" between 1952-1954. In this painting, the persistence of memory is fragmented and breaking down into particles, Dali's way of acknowledging modern science and technology. Many of Dali's paintings during this period portray the concept that everything is in a state of suspension through the repulsion of protons and electrons.

J: Mmmmm ok. Maybe surrealism is a lil too heavy for me afterall

M: Its probably one of the most fascinating of all art types, if you ask me

J: Okay, but if my brain functions too much it hurts me. I still like light stuff.

M: Well, its my opinion that good art makes a person both appreciate and think

J: Good for you, that you're exposed to such opportunity and nice artworks

M: Well, its not like you don't have the opportunity to. With the internet, a lot is possible. Granted that its not quite the same as actually seeing the artwork in person, but its better than nothing

J: But with the internet, you have to come across such stuff by initiative, or by chance.

M: Well, i had to walk into an art gallery. Is that not initiative? The difference is that I had to spend an hour getting to the gallery whereas one could hit into stuff within seconds on the internet. Plus, there's only so much stuff in a single gallery. So for me to see even more stuff, I could go to continental Europe (or rather, all around the world), or I could go on the internet to look for it

J: It has relation to the environmental and culture factors, if Europe doesn't have that many galleries around, you might be exposed and attracted to something else instead.

M: See, that's a problem. In Malaysia, when the average child grows up, its all memorising memorising memorising. Horrendous. When I bring up my children next time, I'm going to take them to plays and theatre and drag them to art galleries, because as sure as bloody hell life isn't just memorising crap.

J: DAMN that's the prob! Sigh, that's the most depressin part in m'sia educational system
memorise just to pass exams.

M: Its not bad actually, it fits the government to have stupid people who are only good at memorising and regurgitation instead of critical thinking and application. And to be honest, its not helped by parents, those parents who like to send their kids for non stop tuition and the like

p.s. My interest in theatre/ plays has always been around since I was back in Malaysia. My appreciation for art was also around when I was a little kid, but was rather on and off for a rather many years, with the occassional visit into art museums in places such as Florence, Rome, Vienna, London etc. It has recently been revitalised by a few visits to the Tate Modern.



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