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Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Don't ask me how, but I woke up a couple of days ago to find that part of the insides of my mouth (at the cheek side, and between the upper and lower teeth) was feeling funny. A check with the mirror revealed that I must have somehow managed to clamp the insides of my mouth between my teeth as I was sleeping, because I found that part of my mouth was a bit swollen with the outline of the bottom (and top) of my teeth. Plus, THREE (yes, I saw the third one under better light onditions) big ulcers to boot.

It was generally unbearable, and I tried to cut down on the intake of anything because it hurt (That didn't stop me from going out for dinner with another friend though :P). Finally forced myself to gargle some warm salt water (boy does having three ulcers hurt), and been forcing fluids down because I've been feeling the effects of dehydration. Hopefully it all goes down soon!



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