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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Tony Roma's review

The following review concerns the Tony Roma's outlet located in Sunway Pyramid, Malaysia.

One of the 'things-to-do' on my list during the vacation back in Malaysia, most notably due to fond memories of enjoying the baby back pork ribs in Los Angeles once upon a time, I soon found my way there.

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Mango and Strawberry Romarita. A frozen margarita made with mixing Jose Cuervo gold, Cointreau, mango and strawberries. 7/10.

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Onion loaf. Really just a stack of onion rings, with dip in the middle. Very oily and soggy. A disappointing 3/10.

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The burger. Don't know how it turned out (I'm not an authority on burgers), but I've seen bigger.

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The supposed big selling point of this place - the ribs. Full rack of barbequed beef ribs, these were tender and came with four different types of barbeque sauces. RM6x. However, we felt that the ribs at Uncle Chilli's is better value. 7/10.

Overall verdict? Disappointing. Perhaps it was my fault of having a high expectation. I will not return unless I have to, or perhaps to another branch where I can actually find my baby back pork ribs. 5/10.

p.s. I also saw at least two Tony Roma's outlets in Dubai. No idea whether it is halal there or not, but knowing Dubai, I wouldn't be surprised if one could find pork ribs there.



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