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Friday, December 22, 2006


Somebody not too far behind me called out something incomprehensible. Thinking it was someone trying to call a friend of hers, I naturally ignored her and continue walking.

The voice came again, only much louder; it was as if someone was trying to catch up with me. And fast. The word(s?) being uttered still made no sense to me. Perhaps it was the afternoon sun. Perhaps it was because the words were coming from behind me. Perhaps... I don't know. Whatever it was, I didn't find a need to slow down. Especially not when I was running late.

The voice finally came from right next to me. 'Hello, Sir! Where are you from!?' I heard. Without breaking stride, I glanced back. A rather unremarkable woman was right behind me, giving me me a smile, with a friend of hers (judging by their similarities in clothing and racial appearance) trailing by some tens of metres behind. She must have literally jogged up to me (I couldn't imagine either of them running). I merely shook my head and shrugged her off, quickening my pace.

After some distance, I glanced back. The two of them had regrouped and changed direction. A brief thought ran through my mind; I should have entertained them for a couple of minutes!! However, the thought quickly banished itself to the rear of my mind as I reached my destination.



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