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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Flossed my filling out

Hmm.. just a little bit harder, I told myself. There's still something stuck there.
Aha, got it! *Tugs on dental floss to dislodge offending article*
Recoils in horror as reality sinks in, that a tooth filling had come off, leaving a visible hole.
Oh shit. Can it wait a month more? Would I find myself unable to sleep because of some excruciating pain in a week or so, and have to bear several nights of discomfort while I have to wait for an appointment? Already I think that I'm feeling something, but I think it is nothing more than psychologically imagined pain. I wonder if the NHS still remembers me; I registered for the dentist a few years ago at a distant practise, but never went. No, not because I have immaculate teeth that have needed no attention for that long (how I wish!), but because I did my check ups back in Malaysia over the summers.
Oh dear oh dear. To sleep for now, though. Work beckons in the morning. For some weird reason a highly inappropriate song just popped into my head. Gah.

Weird Al Yankovic - Cavity Search Lyrics (Selected Portions)

Listen to the Muzak
Hearin' people scream
Sittin' in the waiting room
Readin' crappy magazines
With a toothache
This is it, pal
Root Canal

My molars are impacted
I'm gettin' gum disease
I'm gonna need some fillings
Got twelve cavities
Can you help me
Have mercy
Doctor, please

My teeth are a fright
Got a huge overbite
Numb me, drill me
Floss me, bill me

You jab at my nerve endings
It's driving me insane
Just give me nitrous oxide
Shoot me up with novocaine
Help me out here'
Cause I'm so severe

Please stop for a bit
Let me rinse and spit
Numb me, drill me
Floss me, bill me



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