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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Ringgit wise, Pound foolish

'Hmm.. one ringgit..' I fumbled and fished out for my wallet and took out a golden coin, slipping it into the ticketing machine.

It fell right through to the change compartment. I tried again, repeating the same results.

'Did you insert the correct coin?' the delightful and lovely young lady next to me helpfully suggested.

I retrieved the coin and looked. Oops. Queen Elizabeth's side profile of a one pound coin was glaring at me.

'Oh dear,' I mumbled, showing her the coin. 'Do we have enough change?'

We decided we didn't have at that moment, so I ejected the ticket from the machine and we stood to side to resolve the problem.

It was only much later that I found out that the RM1 coin had been phased out. Last time I was around, the RM1 was still in transition. So, Laynie, I am excused (Jetlag would have exempted me anyway!) from that little episode in 1U the other day! And no, contrary to opinion, I only fell asleep in Eragon for a few minutes!

You know what this means. Those of you who know me personally, come look for me! I will be around for a limited time. Sorry if I had kept most of you in the dark; its supposed to be a surprise visit after all. If you don't know me and wonder who I am, well, you're welcome to find out who I am.



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