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Thursday, December 28, 2006

My feet suffering from Christmas blues

On Christmas Eve, I found myself attending the Christmas Service, and then found myself in Desa Hartamas in time for one of the biggest surprises (and not in a very nice way): Christmas Countdown. I must say that I have hardly ever felt so sick at the commercialisation of it, and I'll be damned if there is such a thing as an Easter countdown.

On Christmas Day, I found myself busy preparing for the Christmas lunch cum dinner, and entertaining the people who dropped by, before heading out at night. Thanks to all those who came!

The next day found me driving around Sunway in the afternoon, before driving to Klang at night for bak kut teh. Midnight found us sitting at Starbucks of Genting First World Resort, before driving back to Klang then home by 3 in the morning.

The day after Boxing Day saw me driving to and fro from Malacca, as well as getting lost around the Government buildings/ mosque along Jalan Duta at 1am, thanks to the construction works. The bottoms of my feet were actually twitching (spasm-ing?) involuntarily by this time.

On the 28th, I actually fell asleep during take off, and to think that I was sitting right next to the engine? And now its time to look around Bangkok and to possibly meet up with friends with a couple more of full days to go *grimaces*. Quite frankly, I'm not expecting to get much rest until next year.

Update: Dodged the bombs in Bangkok, leaving before the first of them struck. To think that I would probably have been loafing near where one of them went off (Central World Plaza) had the stay been extended into the New Year.

Thank you, M, for taking the trouble to bring us around! Wish it could have been longer, but I'm glad that you're safe.



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