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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Le Francais @ One Bangsar

One Bangsar appears to be a row of restaurants (and bars), specialising in various cuisines, such as Japanese, Thai, French et al. This review concerns the French restaurant, called Le Francais, where E and I celebrated our upcoming birthdays.

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The exterior of the restaurant.

A picture of the interior. The restaurant is able to hold 50 people. The menu should change every now and then, just as an upmarket restaurant should.

A bottle of Evian mineral water in fancy glass container (1.5L if I am not mistaken) goes for RM35. At right is the strawberry and mango tea (RM8), with the honey separate.

Here is the lime juice (RM8), with sugar water on the side, with the buns. May I say at this point that the butter is absolutely fantastic!!
Raw scallops with black truffle and some other stuff (RM52). This was a very light and delicate dish.

Roast lamb shank with roasted vegetables on top of a bed of pasta. (RM78)

Pan-fried rouget fillet coated with black olive paste on a bed of mashed potatoes, served with vegetables. The fish was too dry, but I found the olive paste intriguing. (RM72)

And oh, dessert! RM28. Steamed meringue floating on a sweet 'soup' (I can't remember what it was), with walnuts and caramel. I found this to be the most unique dish that we had that day; however the meringue on its own was pretty bland.



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