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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

春节 - Spring Festival

春节. Chun Jie. Spring Festival. What does the term invoke in you? I admit that I was not very well acquainted with that term, being used to hearing Chinese New Year for the majority of my life. All that changed last week when one of my Chinese friends pipped the question: What would you be doing for Spring Festival?

My mind quickly assumed that he was referring to CNY. Thankfully for me, I was right, and my mind has more or less assimilated the relatively new term for me.

EF just had to say this when I was talking with her earlier:

You are being Chinanized.
Spring festival.
Damn communist.'

LOL. I can't help it my dear :)

Another Malaysian friend, GC, being the guy he is, immediately went:
'What the hell is that?'
'That's what the Chinese call what Malaysians refer to as Chinese New Year'
'Doh. Dumbass gwailos'
'Err? The China Chinese themselves call it spring festival, what gwailos?'

Goodness. Please read carefully before making such statements. It would help if you free your mind a little bit; after all you're going to be studying in the States in a few months. Not good.

How would you respond to the term 'Spring Festival'? Does CNY mean anything to you?


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