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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Latest Body Fad/ 新年 Shopping

What a way to start the new year: losing my mobile phone (but getting it back!), having my latest pair of shoes eat into my ankles, injuring my shoulders at the gym, and now this:

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Presenting the latest fad in body fashion. Ouch.

On the bright side, I could have been in the hospital, with my whole face eviscerated with sharp shards of ceramic. So thank God for that! And I managed to purchase something new to wear for CNY too before the latest injury :) Goddamn, I now have a stylish wool overcoat, which makes it even more urgent to grab that sling bag!


Where the hell can I find yee sang in London? I couldn't find it in Chinatown. And with my leg injury from my fall, Oriental City is a bit out of question :(

Meanwhile, I engaged in friendly conversation with an elderly man who was in queue behind me at one of the supermarkets:

*Gesturing towards the lap cheong (preserved sausages) he was carrying* 'Is that for spring festival?'
'Oh! No no no no. Its for anytime! Spring festival means nothing to me. I came from China as a little boy and I schooled here and worked here.'

I nodded. I share the same sentiment. Chinese New Year holds little place in my heart. In fact, LQ was surprised when I mentioned that I 'celebrated' CNY - albeit as an excuse to shop and to have some fancy food.

'In fact, its too commercialized. 恭喜发财. Huh! Cai this, cai that. Money isn't everything!'
'Thats why I would use 新年快乐 instead'
'Money...Its better to have not too much, otherwise you'd become the target of kidnapping etc'

I smiled.

'You must think that I'm being crazy aren't you?'

I shook my head. 'I know what you mean. Sometimes people can be too materialistic.'

(This is the first time I have put Chinese characters into a blog post. A new milestone crossed in my journey to shake off the banana peels.)


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