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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Lost Mobile (Now Found)

Argh!! I think I lost one of my mobile phones :(

Update: My mobile phone has been returned to me in one piece! :D

It all started when I was tidying up after a little party at my place. Everyone had gone home; I was looking for a mobile to make a phone call to a friend. But it was nowhere in sight. No matter, I thought to myself. A quick phone call and I could trace it wherever it was hiding in my room. It rang. I could not hear it. Not even the faintest buzz to suggest that it was on silent.

I frowned. Its probably at LQ's, I thought. I was just at her place a few minutes ago. 'No... its not here'. Uhoh. Then I remembered that earlier, when QJ and I were walking back after sending a couple of friends off at the bus stop, I had one of my camera's filters fall out of the pocket of my jacket, which was being carried on my arm instead of being worn. What if my mobile had fallen out as well?, I asked myself. I quickly retraced my steps and called my phone at the same time. I couldn't hear anything. And at this point I had noticed that my phone was hitting the voice mail after only a couple of rings. Shit.

I messaged a couple of texts, hoping for a response. An hour later, I received no reply and my calls were getting nowhere, so I decided to call up the mobile operator to disable my SIM card.

'Is your phone insured?'
'Erm, no, because it was my backup phone and I did not expect anything to happen to it at all'

Unexpectedly the next morning, someone attempted to call me during my lecture. It was an international number. Being in a lecture, I was unable to answer and a message came in:

'Hi, I found a phone at XXXXXXX yesterday. Are you the owner of this phone? Please contact me.'
'Yes I am. Sorry I couldn't answer as I am in a lecture. Could I have it back please? I stay nearby XXXXXXXX'
'Good. I will contact you later in the evening.'

Evening came.

'Hi can you collect your mobile from XXXXXXXX XXXXX office in an hour? Also I am collecting charity for a worthy cause so if you feel like donating please bring it along. Please confirm as I am flying off tomorrow thanks.'

Alarm bells went off. It sounded like a disguised attempt at asking for a reward. I decided that I might need someone to accompany me just in case.

Soon enough I was at XXXXXXXXX XXXXX. To my relief there were security staff there - who tried to assist me 'The office is open 24 hours, I personally was here. Nobody came in here to give a mobile. It could have been somebody trying to play a prank on you.'

I was undeterred. Somehow, I still have faith in humanity. I sent another text to the person, by now whom I knew as a Dr A. Shah. He responded that he would be coming in a minute. Shortly after, an elderly man pushed the door open.

'Dr Shah?'
'Hi, I'm Patrick, the person who lost the mobile'

He took it out of his pocket and held to me. I was at loss for words as I reached out to take it.

'Thank you' was all I could manage. He nodded and turned. I quickly followed.
'Dr Shah, you mentioned a charity. May I know what it is about?'
'Well, it is a charity in Uganda which works with (uhhhh i forgot this bit) children.'
'Oh alright, are you here for a conference?'
'Not exactly, I'm here for (enter a perfectly sensible reason which I forgot about).'
'Oh alright. Here you are, a little donation which I hope would help'
'Don't worry, I assure you that it would be going for an entirely worthy cause'

Somehow, I believe him. He was honest enough to return to me a lost mobile. He could have easily have kept it for himself like some people whom I know)or sold it off to other people, but he chose to be honest. Very rare to find these days, especially at a place such as London. Or at Kuala Lumpur, where one would immediately write off a missing mobile. It is very comforting to know that there are still people out there who would do the same as I would do. It could have been worse, I was expecting to never see my mobile ever again.

Thank you Dr Shah, for showing to me your quality. Thank you Jesus, for reminding me that there are people such as Dr Shah who are still around, and that my mobile did not go permanently missing! Hallelujah!


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