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Friday, June 15, 2007

Close-up +4 Lens Test

I decided to play around and to test out the close up lens (also misleading called close up filters by some parties) I recently acquired, the Hoya +4.

The lens was fitted onto a 80-200 2.8L objective, on the top of a B+W UV filter. Pictures taken at shortest focal length, due to composition requirements. 1.6x crop factor applies.

Shot 1:

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Notes: Extremely shallow depth of field noted, eventhough f2.8 was used. Abberrations are highly noticable outside of the focal point. This is probably due to the fact that a double close-up lens was not used. Also, it could be possible that the extra space and barrier posed by UV filter might have had some influence.

Shot 2:

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Notes: Once again, a very shallow depth of field, with abberations.

Verdict: Must get hands on the Canon 500D. The extension tube also works, but would be a tad harder to add/remove the tube in between the objective and camera body.


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