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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Nose Bleed

So there I was, listening to the lecturer drone on about stock options in the front of the lecture hall, when I felt a trickle of moisture below my right nostril. I ignored it at first, dismissing it as a bit of phelgm from an possible upcoming cold. But I felt it grow, so I reached up with my hand to wipe it off.

Next thing I know, I was looking at the smeared crimson red staining my hand, with a mixture of surprise and alarm running through my head; its been ages since blood leaked from my nose for no reason. The blood quickly dried up, caking my hand with rustic colouring. Unfortunately, it was still flowing and my other hand got stained in a similar fashion; so I leant my head back (as my lecturer was talking even more about options) and asked my friend whether he might have any tissue, which he didn't.

After a few minutes it all clotted up, and I scratched the area outside my nostril to remove pieces of dried blood (you really don't want others to see that you've so obviously had a nose bleed), and used some water from my bottle to wash my hands and to further remove any leftover stains.


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